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Registration for our Spring 2022 Online Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Cohort Program is Open!


For the first time ever, students have the opportunity to bundle their online training with a gorgeous in person training retreat.  Not able to travel?  Don't worry!  You can also stick with our online programs.  We can't wait to welcome you to our community in the ways that best support your goals!

Online Training Begins on March 14th.


Register Early to ensure your spot!  Independent Study Students begin immediately and have access to all live Cohort classes.

Complete your registration in January and receive a personalized one on one professional consultation to support the achievement of your educational goals!


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September 8 - 13, 2022

Omstead Retreat Center

Bozeman, Montana

 We're offering a Hands On Training!

Learn Postpartum Body Work, Cooking, Herbal Preparation, Belly Wrapping, Infant Care and SO much more in the most gorgeous place ever.

Space is limited!

Plan early and combine your studies with our online Certification for an incredible discount!

Why Ayurvedic Postpartum Care?

Discover how these traditional care principles fill in the gaps in modern postnatal and newborn care.

Sacred Window Sentiments

Listen to the full interview with Christine Eck, Director of the Center for Sacred Window Studies as she talks about Ayurveda and the Postpartum Window with Dana Whitby of the Athena Rising Podcast.

Read about the Center for Sacred Window Studies. Learn about Ayurveda and the Sacred Postpartum Window. Discover thoughtful resources for mothers, fathers, parents, families and caregivers alike!

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Conscious Postpartum Caregiving: A Guide Inspired by the Ayurvedic Tradition

Take a glimpse inside our course curriculum, and learn the beautiful foundations of ancient postpartum traditions.


* Why this period of time is so vital for long term well being

* Essential supports for the first 6 weeks and beyond

* Delicious recipes specific for postpartum nutritional needs

* Oil massage for birth givers and babies

* and SO much more


Thank you for knowing how vital this underserved time of life is!  Let’s change the paradigm together…


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