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Nena Complo

Introduction and Interview by Christine Eck, Director, Center for Sacred Window Studies

One of the things I love most about this job is connecting with the inspiring people we encounter – parents, students, affiliates, professionals in the field, or all around supporters of postpartum caregiving.

I met Nena Complo in 2015 when she became a student in the Sacred Window Mentoring Program.  This program was based on the curriculum of Ysha Oakes, founder of the original Sacred Window School.  Ysha passed away in the spring of that year, and a group of her former students and faculty grouped together to keep her program alive.

Nena was an incredibly dedicated mentoring student, and was a new mom to her second baby at the time.  The teachings spoke to her on a personal level, and she began integrating the support tools to create a better sense of well being in her own life.

When we launched the first cohort of the Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver Program in the Fall of 2018, we invited mentoring students who had not completed the program to participate in our new and original curriculum.  Nena joined that first cohort, and throughout her studies with us, has been an inspiring, thoughtful and active member of our Center for Sacred Window Studies community.

We are honored to welcome Nena to our Team as an Organizational Outreach and Support Specialist!  She is masterfully helping us expand our reach, develop our content as head of Blog Development and Social Media, and has the most beautifully intuitive feel for our mission here at the Center for Sacred Window Studies.

Nena lives in Asheville, NC with her husband and three children.  She has a background in dance, yoga, writing, teaching, and birth & postpartum doula work.

Listen to my interview with Nena to learn more about this lovely woman who we are so lucky to team up with!


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