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Christine and her husband Justin share intimate reflections on their birth & sacred postpartum window experiences.

Justin and I met on a magical night in Sedona, Arizona in 1999. I listened to him play his guitar under the moon and we shared music and good company. We experienced the epic otherworldly-ness that comes with being in Sedona combined with experiencing a meeting that will forever transform our lives. I knew it was something different.

Justin and I always knew we wanted to have a family. It was part of the future we saw for ourselves before meeting, and loved imagining when we found each other. Our family evolution has been heavy with hope, loss, beauty, grief, joy, fear and awe. We have welcomed 4 incredible babies into our lives, all born at home, and each weaving a tighter knot between us all.

Starting the Center for Sacred Window Studies was a call from somewhere deep within answering a need that echoes loudly in the world. We think a lot about what creates a supported postpartum window for moms, birthers, partners and babies.

The transition to parenthood can often be under acknowledged for non-birth parents. To support families best, couples need to be mutually heard, held and supported.

Justin has been amazing on our parenting and partnering journey. I wanted to talk with him about this journey from his view.

Here is Justin’s story….

Photo credit: Erin Long Photography

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