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by Christine Eck, director of the Center for Sacred Window Studies

Dr. Bharat and Anupama Vaidya of Ayurved Sadhana in Superior, CO, sat down with me recently (via zoom!) and I immediately connected with their warmth, vitality and charisma.



I became aware of Dr. V’s teachings through the late Ysha Oakes. Based on her reverence of his wisdom, I knew that my connection with this beautiful couple would be special. I was even more delighted to experience their kindness and encouragement.


I feel deeply drawn to the generational tradition of teaching Ayurveda in Dr. Vaidya’s ancestral line. From the time he was a young boy, he was helping his father in his medical practice. He shared that coming from this long lineage of teachers was not always easy. But his gifts and path cannot be denied. He is a treasure of knowledge and an incredible contributor to Ayurveda in the west.


Anupama Vaidya has a directness and joy that is refreshing and invigorating. She comes to the point, and it is clear that she is an amazing teacher herself, particularly in hands on cooking and meal preparation.


I loved hearing their story of how they met, and came to the United States. They understand the incredible need and value of Ayurvedic postpartum care on a personal, educational and professional level. Their Ayurvedic doula program is dedicated to Ysha Oakes and her lifelong commitment to birthing families.


I am eager to continue to learn from them as we work together to create more awareness for Ayurveda’s gifts to the sacred postpartum window! It is an honor to be in the company of such teachers.

Watch the full interview!

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