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We are delighted to share our year’s reflection with you!

It can be hard to have a look at the whole picture when we are deeply focused on the individual parts of it.  But when we expand out and reflect on our work as a whole, an expansive perspective emerges that is a nourishing reminder that we are making a difference!  I am blown away at the change and growth that a year has brought, and the number of new and practicing caregivers in this world who are committed to offering conscious postpartum care to families in their communities.  The energy is there, the impact is real and I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to direct and collaborate with such an inspiring circle of teammates, students and professionals in the field.  Though 2020 has brought challenge beyond measure in so many ways, it feels vital to count each blessing and look toward a radiant future.  

To each of you who carries reverence for the sacred postpartum window, for those out there doing amazing things with that awareness, and for those who see a stronger vision of the future for birthing people and families, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I stand in solidarity with you!

And to my beautiful and talented team who has helped create everything you will read about below, I am blessed every day to have you in my life and I am astounded by your creativity, depth of heart and love for this organization.  

We truly are part of an Ojas Building Business.  


With love and gratitude, 


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The Sacred Window Blog

The mission of the Center for Sacred Window Studies Blog is to serve as a robust resource for the global postpartum community. We aim to:

  • Educate and empower parents, professionals, and advocates about postpartum wellness, care, and preparation.
  • Inspire reverence for the sacred window and families in this time through sharing positive postpartum stories and perspectives.
  • Illuminate the realities of the postpartum experience through sharing real-life stories of joy and challenge, always centering on healing and growth.
  • Highlight the beautiful work of conscious postpartum caregivers who are part of this paradigm shift.

In addition to all of the amazing new creations we’ve birthed this year, we are honored to have nurtured our Blog’s mission with 61 new posts!



SO much new this year… enjoy our review!

Launched the Postpartum Care Collective

We officially launched our beloved Postpartum Care Collective the first week of July. Since then, we have grown to include 76 beautiful members and have hosted 24 online talks! We love our Collective because we truly are a global community of passionate professionals, advocates, activists, parents, and loved ones who care deeply about raising awareness for postpartum. We love our Directory where parents can find conscious caregivers, our talks where we learn from one another and share our wisdom and passions with the greater community, and most importantly the movement that unites us.

Here is a snapshot of phenomenal talks from this year:

  • Cesarean Recovery
  • 5 Love Languages for Loss
  • Culturally Centered Care, a panel discussion
  • Holding Space for Postpartum Grief & Ayurveda Rituals for Wholeness
  • Western Herbs to Balance the Doshas

Opened the Sacred Window Shop

This year we were blessed to invite mother, postpartum chef, & APC alum Katie Calcaterra onto our team as Shop Director! She has beautifully brought this vision to life. Our shop is full of divine sacred-window-inspired goods, infused with love, wisdom, and deep care. These beautiful handmade products and resources are lovingly & wisely crafted for the Sacred Postpartum Window and truly for anyone wishing to deepen their self-care, enliven their kitchen experience, delight their senses, create magical bath and beauty rituals…

We are so honored to host this space for amazing makers to share their crafts and for folks to find high quality gifts and goodies!

basket giveaway
internship circle

Rolled out the Sacred Window Internship Circle

This is our professional mentoring program for passionate, conscious caregivers who are beginning or amplifying their care practice – and are seeking to build meaningful community while doing so! Each month we offer our interns a Mentoring Community Call, guided by an inspiring guest mentor and members from the CSWS team. This year we’ve enjoyed exploring…

Our interns have access to a robust online hub of resources, reflection guides, inspiration and more; a year-long membership in our Postpartum Care Collective; and an additional monthly Practical Q&A call with members of the CSWS team. These calls offer an intimate opportunity for us to hear about what each of our interns is working on, how they are experiencing the work so far, what things they are wondering about, etc. 

Introduced Independent Study track options for our Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver program

Our Independent Study track gives our most flexible study options for completing the Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver program – on your own unique schedule. You get to decide how much support you want from instructors, drop into live classes if you want, and you have one year to complete your studies. 

Independent Study student Mara shares her experience so far:

As a new mother my life is full and schedules are unpredictable. The Independent Study Program provides a way for me to fuel my passion for postpartum care while still being present with my family. By studying at my own pace I can truly absorb and assimilate the rich content the program provides.”

pregnant together

Created Empowered Postpartum Care, our DIY course for expecting parents

When social circumstances and public health started to shift drastically this spring, we knew parents around the world would be entering postpartum with less support than desirable or ideal. Our team united to bring forth the Empowered Postpartum Care course as a way to put the education, skills, and encouragement for creating meaningful sacred window plans right into the hands and hearts of parents. This is the postpartum piece of childbirth education! Our brilliant alumni stepped forward to offer volunteer consults to EPC parents. And parents abroad around the globe are benefiting from this sweet and caring wisdom.

Initiated our Free Support Circles for Doulas & Parents

These circles of community and connection are a great way to cultivate conversation and receive support from us – and from folks in a similar space to you. Our intention with all of these circles has been ~ Share what’s in your heart. And know you’re not alone. We’ve got you, and we’ve got each other. 

Our monthly Doula Tea Time + Support Circle is an awesome opportunity for aspiring and longer-time doulas (and caregivers at any place on the experience spectrum) to connect and talk about real topics in the work. Our monthly Mothers Yoga Support Circle is a space for preconception, pregnant, & postpartum mothers to enjoy a gentle, uplifting yoga practice with adaptations to meet your needs, and to receive experienced support.

doula tea time
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In 2021, we are thrilled to bring you…

  • Even more stellar guest mentors for our Internship Circle
  • Our beautiful Blog Writing Team
  • More incredible speakers + topics for our Postpartum Care Collective talks
  • Our amazing Work Study Scholarship Team
  • The Sacred Window Podcast
  • An even deeper study experience for training Conscious Postpartum Caregivers

And, brand new for our APC students in 2021 ~ expanded student support and opportunity for deeper connection with monthly all-student study circles and anytime 1:1 support from team member, Nena Complo.


It’s going to be a beautiful year!

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