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Mothers are born every day, and here we have one dedicated love-filled day to honor and celebrate the mothers in every form, and in every stage of parenthood. 

Whether you are shopping for an expecting mother, a mother in the sweet and sacred postpartum days, or a mom a little deeper into her journey, we have beautiful intentionally crafted products from our seven Sacred Window Vendors. 

Here are a few delicious items to inspire you as you support, nourish and cherish the mother figures in your life. . . (& yourself too!)

Devote Herbal Tea 

from Anajali Apothecary

There is no other like a mothers heart, an energetic space which serves as a bridge between the ethereal world and the transformative expressions of love in every language. Nurture your heart space with Tulsi and Rose, and feel the love in every sip.

Warming Daily Massage Oil 

from Mountain Birthworks

Ahh. . .The magic of conscious touch. Rekindle embodiment, warmth, and comfort with this daily massage oil, infused with herbs supportive to those with high Vata, in cool climates, and postpartum bodies.

Flower Hour Elixir 

from Mountain Birthworks

Support rejuvenative relaxation with this meditative blend of botanicals found in this elixir.  Perfect for supporting a restful mind for sleep, and for calming anxiety and bringing about calm during the day. 

Chai Vitality 

from Mamayurveda Medicinals

This No-Steep, No-Wait custom herbal blend is friendly for the busy mama craving the taste and healing properties of chai and for those who love chai but need a cooler variety of spices. 

Perfect for bringing on-the-go or as grounding support for everyday motherhood.


Desert Star Face Cream with Morracan Selenite from Mother & Pearl Potions

Say yes to this delicious cream as part of your daily routines! Awaken the senses and welcome bliss with selenite infused oils and a delicious herbal blend.

Healing Recipes for the Newborn Mother from Soma Shakti

You can never have too many cookbooks, especially when it comes to tending to the digestive fire after birth! This inclusive cookbook introduces Ayurvedic concepts and provides easy-to-make recipes for the first 10 sacred days after birth. Perfect for any expecting parent or passionate caregiver.

Organic Rose Petal Jam from Bliss Alchemy 

What better way to treat yourself than with the heart opening, refreshing floral notes of rose petal jam. This decadent treat doubles as vibration- lifting medicine, sure to lift your mood and bring you inner harmony. 


Ultimate Hot Food Thermos from Center for Sacred Window Studies

This 42 oz hot food thermos is the ultimate tool for carrying hot broths, teas, soups, cereals and more. Perfect for caregivers who are transporting nutritious gifts and for parents committed to having a hot meal, this thermos can be kept at the bedside or in the to-go bag. It truly is a long-lasting gift suitable for anyone you are celebrating this mothers day.

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Happy Mother’s Day & Every Day.  


Share how you are celebrating the mother figures in your life and tag us so we can celebrate your loved ones with you!  @sacredwindowstudies

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