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September 8 - 13, 2022

Omstead Retreat Center

Bozeman, Montana

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Learn Postpartum Body Work, Cooking, Herbal Preparation, Belly Wrapping, Infant Care and SO much more in the most gorgeous place ever.

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“I’ve taken a LOT of classes over more than 20 years, in multiple fields of academic education and holistic modalities, both online and in person. The value for money and application to daily life that the Postpartum Caregiver Program brings to students is above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m blown away by the content and the support available. Every doula, midwife, doctor or parent-to-be would benefit from the knowledge and practice shared here. Thank you for raising the standard of provision, in so many ways, and bringing true, timeless value to the world at large.”
Oum Ibrahim

Spring 2021 Student, U.K.

Online Certification Options

The Whole Path

Train and Practice in the Ayurvedic Perspective for the Sacred Window

Learn | Intern | Practice


A Whole Approach of Study, Integration and Implementation


*  Study in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program


*  Receive 1 Year of Robust Professional Mentoring


*  Membership to our Professional Directory




Our 3 Professional Development Offerings at a dramatic discount to provide you with the most well rounded preparation for your professional practice.

This experience has been a catalyst to get my mind and energy focused and have the practical skills and the emotional encouragement to keep going down this path of postpartum caregiving. There were so many moments that I felt divine inspiration flooding through me as I studied, participated in a lecture, reflected on the content, or shared what I was learning with clients. It was the perfect next step on my journey and wove together many seemingly disparate aspects of my learning. I feel prepared and kindled in bringing what I’ve learned into the world in a way that deeply supports the shifting paradigm of what it means to mother, to be nourished, and to live as a harmonious human being on this garden planet Earth.

Kate Lindsay


Our Mission involves changing the paradigm of postpartum care in our modern culture to one that is more supportive on all levels for birth givers, babies and families.  For our students, we strive to mirror that mission in providing professional support that goes beyond taking in information to experience, support and direction as they develop their knowledge into a professional practice.

By participating in both the 200 Hr. Conscious Postpartum Care Program alongside the gentle and inspirational Sacred Window Internship Circle, you will experience a whole and nurtured approach to learning and practice.  

Gain a deep knowledge base, develop relationsnhips with a warm and inspiring community, and receive a wide perspective on many ways of practicing professionally through our Guest Mentors and Instructing Team.  

Over the course of one year, you will be supported as you learn invaluable skills and build a practice that is sustainable and reflective of your talents and goals, all while being supported by a team of loving professionals in the fields of Ayurveda and Postpartum Caregiving.  

The Whole Path

Our most supported path of professional training and development is to join as a Student and Sacred Window Intern.  While our programs may be taken individually, when you study with the intention of building a sustainable professional practice with mentoring, we are able to provide our highest level of support and attention to you.  The Whole Path consists of 3 elements.

1.  The 200 Hour Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Certificate Program

Our flagship personal and professional training program for sacred postpartum care.  This can be taken with a Cohort or Independently with one on one support and optional Cohort  participation.  We run two 14 session Cohorts per year – beginning in January and August.  Our Independent Study model is a 12 month program for students who prefer a longer window of study and need greater flexibility.


2.  The Sacred Window Internship Circle

The Internship Circle is an intimate experience of group and one on one Professional Mentoring.  Our instructing team provides a monthly online mentoring session catered to your goals, needs and experiences.  We invite a new Guest Mentor each month to share with us about their professional work and give us further exploration into aspects of caregiving that they specialize in.  This is a gentle and nourishing program that aligns beautifully with the more intensive nature of the Conscious Postpartum Care Program.  In addition to live mentoring, Interns receive access to an online hub with the archives of Guest Mentor Sessions, and the gorgeous Mentoring Guides that accompany each month’s topic.  You will also find a host of additional professional tools and resources.  Interns have forever access to this online hub.


3.  Membership to the Postpartum Care Collective.

This is our online Directory of Conscious Postpartum Caregivers.  This Collective houses alums of our program and many other professionals who have studied with other teachers.  It is a vibrant membership community that is focused on making connections and strengthening the field of postpartum care.  We are committed to connecting caregivers with the families who need them.  This Directory is a big part of how we are doing that.  In addition to your directory listing, you will also have exclusive access to our member events and continuing education talks.  We have membership site that houses a growing library of professional resources for postpartum caregivers.

By enrolling in the Whole Path, you are accessing the greatest amount of individual and commuity support we offer and you are setting yourself up for a strong and sustainable learning experience and professional practice.

In addition, you are receiving the biggest discount.


Whole Path Pricing

200 Hr. Conscious Postpartum Care Program

Sacred Window Internship Circle

Postpartum Care Collective Life Long Membership

With Cohort Participation (14 Sessions in 4 months + 8 bonus Guest Lectures!)

$2499 in Full

$229/mo for 12 payment plan

Spring 2022 Cohort begins on March 14th!

With Independent Study Participation (12 months to complete program with optional Cohort participation)

$2799 in Full

$249/mo for 12 payment plan

Enroll and Begin Right Away with Independent Study!

* Independent Study Students always have the option to join live cohort classes and any other group participation)
Save $700 when you enroll in the Whole Path vs. each program separately!

About Our Programs

Students may enroll in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program and our Sacred Window Internship Circle separately.



200 Hour

Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program

Based on Ayurvedic Principles for the Sacred Postpartum Window


This program is a heart centered, inspiring, transformational and intensive learning experience.  We LOVE it!

Why We Love the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program


Study with a Cohort over 4 months,  OR  Study Independently and with our groups over one year.  Your choice based on what works best for your life and your learning style.

We are hugely inspired by one another as a team. We love contributing to each other’s ideas, combining our perspectives, and envisioning how to best guide students who care as much about this path as we do.

We have lovingly created this program together step by step, thoughtfully crafting its curriculum, and always searching for ways to make it better. At the heart is its accessibility to individuals anywhere who cannot travel far distances to learn. With this in mind, we strive to design our program to build relationships while studying online and regular connection with students throughout the program.

Building community, growing the reach and availability of these services and changing the social structure for modern postpartum care are all paramount to the mission behind the Center for Sacred Window Studies.

Our programs are experiential and transformative on personal and professional development levels.  From study to practice, we are there to support you the whole way.  

Weekly Live Online Classes

Attend a live class with the cohort once per week during our two 14 session cohort programs per year or study Independently over 12 months, participating with the cohorts if you choose.  If you cannot attend live, class recordings are available for students to watch at the time that works best for them.

Student Website

Have all aspects of your program available on a beautiful and clearly organized student website. Follow the program session by session, and find resources for answering your questions throughout. Keep track of reading assignments, practicum and final projects, and valuable supplemental resources.

Student Forum and Breakout Study Circles

Instructors prompt inspiring discussion weekly throughout your program. Engage with your cohort while you explore the value and possibility of this contribution to women’s health postpartum. Gain invaluable resources from your classmates and build community while you study!

Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program


Module One: Postpartum Care Foundations

Embark on a journey of providing care for new birth parents that embodies our Mother Principles: simplicity, flexibility, listening, compassion, intuition, grounding and non-judgement.  Combine your foundational Ayurvedic understanding of the specific constitutional needs of the sacred postpartum window, with nurturing practices that will support the natural imbalances often experienced after the birth of a baby.  We offer deep attention to the subtle channels which are particularly vulnerable at this time.  Learn to apply practical, powerful and deeply conscious postpartum care to newly birthed parents, babies and families.  Gain awareness and skills that will provide answers and direction to a modern void in postpartum care.  Explore the responsibility of learning and offering a different cultural perspective and of offering conscious postpartum care to ALL families.

Module Two: Foundations of Ayurveda

Discover foundational principles of Ayurveda through the lens of the Sacred Postpartum Window.  Learn how to observe nature’s elements as they manifest in specific ways during this pivotal time in a person’s life.  Explore a complete definition of health for a new birth parent and baby that includes the physical body, the subtle mental and emotional channels, and the processes of digestion and elimination on a physical and sensory level. Develop an understanding of nature’s elements at play within you.  Begin to witness yourself as your most powerful teacher of Ayurveda.  Recognize your individual constitution as a human, as a learner and as a caregiver.  Begin to rebalance yourself as you learn about inviting balance for new birth parents.  Build a foundation to support a postpartum caregiving practice that will serve not only new families, but yourself on a physical, subtle and professional level.

Module Three: Cooking for Postpartum and Postpartum Herbal Foods

Dive into an exploration of food as medicine.  Learn the factors and importance of proper digestion from an Ayurvedic perspective.  Find out how pregnancy and childbirth can affect the natural processes of digestion and elimination.  Learn how specific qualities in foods can correct common imbalances, and provide support for postnatal digestion, elimination, hydration, lactation and more!  Study specific situations postpartum that can challenge further an individual’s health and discover ways to support this time through nutrition.  Get busy in your own kitchen testing out delicious postpartum recipes ideal for new parents you will serve.  Examine the benefits of herbs and spices supportive for the postnatal constitution, and how simple combinations of herbal foods can powerfully support day to day and long term recovery.  Conscious attention to postpartum nutrition is feeding body, heart, mind and spirit! 

Module Four: Ayurvedic Touch for Postpartum

The healing and balancing sustained through human touch is transformational on physical and subtle levels.  Applying warm oil to the skin offers our largest organ the benefit of receiving nutrition directly.  Warm oil massage, or Abhyanga in Sanskrit, provides deep nourishment for new birth parents and babies.  Discover how a caregiver can support someone through touch within a safe scope of practice.  Whether you are practicing as a licensed massage therapist, or not, there are levels of care that can be offered to deeply support a parent and baby through practice and education.  Learn how postpartum massage should be different than at other times, and how Abhyanga is specifically practiced for the sacred window.  Learn Ayurvedic Infant Massage!  Experience the joys of learning to teach this beautiful practice to new parents and siblings.  Practice a traditional pudding soap recipe ideal for both parents and baby’s new skin.  Grow your toolbox for supporting new parents with the understanding and practice of Ayurvedic touch for postpartum!

Module Five: Growing Your Practice

Your caregiving practice is as unique as you!  Build a practice that not only supports new birth parents and families in your community (and beyond!), but that supports your life and how you want to live it.  We feel passionate about caring for the caregivers.  As professionals in this field, we understand the challenges it can present.  We guide our students to plan, implement and practice in ways that support sustainability and growth.  We recognize that all professionals in this field bring something unique.  We urge students to reflect on what aspects of this work are the most satisfying to them.  We believe in community and teams!  We support caregivers to work together in practice to support each other and families in stronger capacities.  We are committed to continuing our support to students as they graduate from our program.  We offer an Internship Program for new caregivers to receive guidance and support as they begin practicing in their local communities.  We are developing an Apprenticeship Program to offer in home training with an Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver in practice.  We will be bringing continuing education opportunities to caregivers and are always fostering community with professionals through social media and the Caregiver Directory.

Cohort Program

  • 14+ Sessions of Live Online Classes
  • Study with a dynamic group of students from around the world
  • One on One Support from our Student Advisor or any of our Instructors in addition to weekly office hours
  • Recordings of all live classes available for students who cannot make the live class
  • Beautiful and detailed student website to center all aspects of the program
  • Active Student Forum – be inspired and interact with your cohort and instructors throughout the program.
  • Practical assignments and Final Projects that students can use in their professional practice
  • Learn multiple perspectives from diverse instructors, all professionals in the fields of Ayurveda and Postpartum Caregiving

Independent Study


  • Same Curriculum with 12 months to complete course requirements
  • Opt-In to any Live Cohort Class
  • Pre-recorded lectures housed on the Independent Study Student Website
  • Opt-In to Cohort Student Forum and Breakout Stucy Circles for community participation
  • Forever Access to Independent Study Student Website
  • Up to 4 hours of One-on-One support from course instructors
  • Access to All School Study Sessions hosted by our student advisor throughout the year
  • Ultimate flexibility in learning at the pace and schedule you need
  • Learn multiple perspectives from diverse instructors, all professionals in the fields of Ayurveda and Postpartum Caregiving.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites?

There are no formal prerequisites for completing this Program.

Students do not need formal Ayurvedic training. We believe it is important that all students have access to the same perspective of Foundational Ayurvedic principles as delivered through the lens of rasayana care for the postpartum window. Even if a student has extensive training in Ayurveda, it is beneficial to take part in this specialized perspective.

Our program will cover a great deal of useful practice, and there is always insight to be gained by participating in further professional development such as specific training in lactation and breastfeeding.

How long does the program take to complete?

Our cohort program is 14 sessions in length over 16 weeks. Students have 90 days post program to complete their program requirements and receive their Certificate.  If a student needs special arrangements or extra time, we are always happy to accommodate committed learners.  Independent Study Students have 12 months to complete their program requirements.  Extensions are available as needed for a fee.

How much time will I need to spend each week on this program?

This is a 200 hour diploma program. Cohort students may spend between 3 and 15 hours per week including the live instruction class and optional office hour depending on their personal pace and level of involvement in the program. Some weeks will be more content heavy and time consuming. Students are encouraged to take a gentle pace that will support healthy learning. Students are given plenty of time to complete their requirements. We believe in nurturing our students and practicing the same support and compassion we teach them to bring to new mothers.  Not all of the content and coursework we offer to students is required.  

What can I do with this diploma professionally?

This is an ideal professional development program for Ayurvedic practitioners, yoga professionals, birth and postpartum doulas and any one in the healthcare or caregiving profession who works with new and expecting parents and babies. This program is also transformative for any expecting parent or family member wishing to learn powerful care strategies for the sacred postpartum window. Students will often take this course as a launching point into a new career path. Anyone may take this program!  While we are teaching students how to be Conscious Postpartum Caregivers, application of this knowledge can and hopefully will take many forms.  In order to broaden the scope of this work on a larger level and aid in social change for postpartum people, we hope to see students carry this knowledge forward as educators, organizers, legislators, health care professionals, media creators, artists, and beyond.  A Conscious Postpartum Caregiver is in the same category as a Postpartum Doula, but with an Ayurvedic specialty.  Similar to many independent doula training programs, we are not certified under a larger governing body.  We are an Organizational Member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and offer PACE credits for professional members.  We are accredited by IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).

What is Group Study?

Group Study is an option for local friends or colleagues to study together. Benefits of this option are having a natural support team to back one another up as they begin to practice, create a professional group practice together, or simply study together and have a local in person component to their online program.  A group of Conscious Postpartum Caregivers in a community will build greater local awareness about the sacred postpartum window. Members of a Group Study Circle do not need to study together in person.  It is simply an opportunity to grow awareness, support and sustainability for families and especially caregivers in communities.  All members of Group Study Circles will receive discounted tuition based on the number of students in the group.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the oldest continuously practiced medical science in the world based out of what is now India. Ayurveda literally means “life knowledge”. It takes into consideration the body, mind, senses, emotions along with proper digestion and elimination on a physical, sensory and mental level. Using the patterns and rhythms of nature, Ayurveda uses lifestyle routines, seasonal routines, dietary choices, herbal medicines and follows the direction of each individual’s unique constitution to address imbalances. Ayurveda is a sister science of Yoga and both are used simultaneously to attend to one’s physical and spiritual wellness.

What is a doula?

Doula means “with woman”. Today, it describes a caregiver who supports people before, during or after giving birth. Doulas can train specifically to attend births and/or to support an individual and new family after baby is born. Studies have proven that the presence of a doula during labor increases the chance of natural and uncomplicated childbirth. Studies have also shown that the support of a postpartum doula has many positive results on both birth parent and newborn physical, emotional and mental health.  An Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver is a Postpartum Doula who specializes in Ayurveda.  

What is the Sacred Window? Why is it important?

The Sacred Window refers to the first 42 days after someone gives birth. It is a transformational journey! Across the country, doctors and nurses agree that the 6 weeks postpartum are deficient in the current medical system for support and attention. Ayurveda recognizes the first 42 days postpartum as a “kayakalpa”, or “body time”, wherein the opportunity for intense healing is available as well as the vulnerability for serious depletion, which can affect a person’s health and wellness far into the future. As the founder of the original Sacred Window School, Ysha Oakes taught, “42 days for 42 years”! Paying close attention to health choices during this sacred 6 weeks will set a new parent up for giving their best and feeling one’s best far into the future.

What will I learn in this program?


– The foundations of Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy

-Ayurvedic nutritional concepts

-The special needs of the postpartum parent

-Nutritional support concepts and recipes for birther and newborn wellness

-Herbal support concepts and recipes

-Hands on in your own kitchen experience with Ayurvedic postpartum food and herbal support recipes.

-Ayurvedic self and infant massage theory and practice

-Building a professional practice

-And much more!

Click here to see a detailed Syllabus

Will I be able to work with clients at the end of the program?

Yes! Once you complete the program you will be qualified to offer specialized conscious postpartum education and care based on the Ayurvedic perspective within our safe scope of practice to families in your community. Health care practitioners who complete this program will have a greatly enhanced perspective on the postpartum window and will have a broad range of practical skills with which to educate their patients. Expecting parents will have a greatly enhanced understanding of their needs during this time and be empowered to create the sacred window they want.  Students who wish to receive continued guidance as they begin to practice professionally are encouraged to take part in our Internship Circle to receive a further mentoring.  This program supports new caregivers with regular contact and individual support from our Mentoring Team while they work with clients in their own communities and develop their professional practices.

What is the format of the program?

Our program can be fully completed in the comfort of your own home. Students will have weekly required reading assignments prior to their 2 hour live instruction course via web conferencing each Monday evening from 8pm – 10pm Eastern Time (UTC -4/5). Post live instruction course, students will be given a combination of practicum assignments, self quiz, small breakout study circle groups and discussion prompts to contribute to dialogue on the Student Forum. Each Module takes from 1-4 weeks, and the entire program spans 14 weeks. Each Module culminates with a Final Project. Students are given access to a comprehensive Student Website which is a hub for their entire program.

What are the requirements for receiving my Diploma?
  1. Attend live or view recordings of all 14 class lectures.  Attendance is recorded for both the live class and post lecture review.
  2. Ideally one Student Forum post each week and one comment to another’s post.
  3. Post lecture quiz (if applicable)for each week of class.
  4. Completion of Required Reading at the pace that supports the individual’s learning needs. This may span beyond the program and will not be documented by instructors.
  5. Completion and Submission of all Final Projects.


Note: We offer students a practicum assignment, diverse Forum Discussion Prompts, Journal Reflections, Breakout Study Circles and Recommended Reading assignments in addition to the 5 Required activities above for each week of study. The purpose is to offer students as many ways to integrate the knowledge that will serve the student best. We urge students to become familiar with the way in which they learn, and to pace themselves based on that knowledge.

Not all we offer you is required. Students may take up to 30 days after the program ends to complete all requirements and receive their diploma.  Should a student need extra time, we will gladly make arrangements on an individual basis.

How long will I have access to the Student Website and course materials after the program?

Students will have access to most program materials indefinitely.  We encourage students to download the live class recordings in order to view them anytime, as individual cohort recordings will not remain available after 90 days post program.  Students are welcome to download and/or print any and all course materials that accompany each Module of the program.  We offer for sale a custom USB with downloaded lectures from your cohort which you may purchase after your course ends.  Independent Study Students have forever access to the Independent Study Student Website.  

Will I be certified after this program? What kind of credentials will I have?

Students who complete this program are able to offer service to mothers and families in the same way that a postpartum doula can.  There are many postpartum doula trainings available, some them are nationally or internationally “certified” (DONA, CAPPA, etc.) and many of them are independent, having their own requirements and credentials, as are we.  We are an Organizational Member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and are able to offer PACE credits to Professional Members.  We are accredited through IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). 



Sacred Window Internship Circle

This program is designed with YOUR goals at the forefront.  We work closely with you to align your professional practice with your specific needs, and foster a sustainable business plan.  Perfect to take along side or back to back with the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program.

“Thank you for being there on so many levels; from immediate support, to moral support, to practical support…..I felt held, guided and like I had cheerleaders rooting for me!”


San Diego, CA, 2019 Intern

Why We Love Our Sacred Window Internship Circle

Starting a business of any kind can be intimidating.  Beginning a caregiving practice is no different.  Particularly because Conscious Postpartum Caregivers, Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregivers/Ayurdoulas offer a specialty that is new to many communities, it can feel isolating.  We developed the Internship Circle to give emerging and existing caregivers a support structure, inspiration, mentoring, confidence, perspective and accountability for creating a professional practice that they love and feel sustained by.

Learn from a new Guest Mentor each month in our Monthly Mentoring Community Calls.  Spend time with our mentoring team monthly for a Live Practical Q + A Call, and get one on one support with your personalized Inspiration and Clarity Calls.  

Get access to the archives of Guest Mentoring Sessions and valuable professional tools with the online Internship Circle Hub.

Develop Your Practice

Learn firsthand from a diverse group of Guest Mentors in the field.  Discover how different people structure their practices.  Explore specific topics each month to broaden your knowledge base.  Receive one on one + group mentoring to support you as you develop your professional practice. Whether you are working in clients homes, or not, we’ll be there to support your process.

Resources and Continued Learning

Interns get forever access to our online Internship Hub, a website with resources, tools and the archive of Guest Mentoring Teachings to support your professional practice development.  We’ll keep adding to this HUB, and Interns will always have access to it, even after your hours are complete.  Receive a monthly mentoring guide in your inbox each month put together by our Guest Mentors and Mentoring Team to offer inspiration, insight and guidance.  Receive a monthly Intern Newsletter with content curated specifically for you and your unique experiences in the program.

“When I began practicing, I felt like I was guessing most of the time!  I didn’t have a go to person who knew about the type of care I was offering, or who had experiences they could share about their own conscious postpartum care practice.  I know it is supposed to be a little scary starting something new, but I deeply wished I had a support network familiar with Ayurveda in postpartum caregiving.  It would have made such a difference.”

Christine Eck

Director, Center for Sacred Window Studies

Within the Internship Circle you will experience…


  • One on One Inspiration and Clarity Sessions for launching your vision, your plan and your implementation
  • 12 Monthly Mentoring Community Calls with guest mentors in the field of postpartum care, recorded for convenience and housed in the Online Internship Hub
  • 12 Monthly Practical Q+A Calls with 2 members of our Mentoring Team to address your specific questions, needs and concerns
  • 12 Monthly Mentoring Guides sent to your inbox exploring the topic of the month and how to apply it to your own caregiving practice
  • Access to the 42-Days of Caregiving Journey gaining you 350+ hours of active Internship Hours working in practice and behind the scenes for your business and a Practicing Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Certificate from the Center for Sacred Window Studies.
  • Access to discounted one-on-one mentoring as needed.
  • Connections with other new professionals in the field of Ayurveda and Postpartum to support each other as you grow professionally and personally.
  • Access to the buddy system! Partner up with a fellow intern to support each other and connect for further accountability and inspiration.
  • Access to the Internship Hub with professional resources and access to the Mentoring Call + Monthly Guides Archives
  • Informed experience that will integrate and implement what you have learned in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver program.
  • Inspiration and Clarity Follow-Up to keep you aligned on your path


Receive a One Year Membership to the Postpartum Care Collective Directory for FREE

This Internship is our commitment to helping you grow a successful and sustainable professional practice. Everything we offer that can help you achieve this, we want you to have. The Postpartum Care Collective is a professional directory to help clients find you, it is a learning resource, continuing education opportunity and a community space for professionals in this field. If you are working in the field, there is no reason you shouldn’t be on this directory (there’s even a free listing option). Members come away with amazing benefits. Check it out!


The Sacred Window Internship Circle is for you if:


  • You have gone through or are currently studying in a professional training in conscious postpartum care and are ready to begin building your practice
  • You are already practicing and want to keep honing your practice.
  • You could use some guidance, accountability and/or inspiration!
  • You are committed to envisioning, planning and implementing steps to achieve your goals.

Self Paced Independent Courses




We are lifelong learners and are passionate about growing our awareness and understanding about Ayurveda, birthwork, postpartum care and related fields.

As we become inspired, we’ll create another stand alone course to supplement your knowledge base as well!

We are SO inspired by the community of professionals out there and will feature courses by some incredible teachers.  For newcomers and for seasoned practitioners, our stand alone courses are meant to inspire and enhance.

Postpartum Care with Ayurveda: Light on the Sacred Postpartum Window

Perfect for anyone curious about the Ayurvedic perspective of the postpartum window of time.  Learn the significance, valuable insights and tools, and be ready to support yourself or a loved one!

Mentoring Sessions


Our Instructing Team is avaiable for one on one mentoring sessions via video conferencing!

If you are entering the field, in the field, or thinking about it, we are here to spend time with you and answer your questions.

Each of our Team members has a professional background in Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiving as well as a diverse set of skills and professional experiences.  We’re happy to help support you!

“I am so grateful that I did the Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver certification training. The teachers are all so beautiful, experienced, and amazingly supportive. They have set a high bar of integrity and compassion and that filters into the entire program. Because of this all of the students showed up and connected with each other authentically and overall created a safe womb space to learn this vital knowledge.”


Winter '19 Student, San Diego, CA

“I really grasped a deeper understanding of the gunas and how to incorporate ayurveda into my everyday life. I also challenged myself to reevaluate my doula service and I feel more confident about my practice because of this program. Thank you! I hope to work more with you all in the future!”


Fall '18 Student, Tempe, AZ

“I have found the practicum assignments very helpful in implementing the education and thinking about how to apply personally and in my professional practice serving mamas. All of it had value, purpose and integration into my previous understanding and newfound deeper understanding of Ayurveda.”


Winter '19 Student

“I think you did a great job having us embody this work as best as one could in an online course. I don’t think it was too much or too little. It was doable. I am so grateful for the internship program so I can apply all of this with the support and guidance of this incredible team!!!”


Fall '18 Student, San Diego, CA