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Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Postpartum Doula

Rasa Sāra Ayurveda
First and Last Name: Sara Emmitt
Boulder, CO, USA, Colorado, United States 80302

Offering warm, healing support to women of all ages through Ayurveda, herbalism, massage, yoga, counseling and balanced meal preparation. Specializing and certified in Ayurvedic postpartum care.

Christina Vargas, A.H.P.

SimpleVeda: Ayurveda + Yoga
First and Last Name: Christina Vargas
3525 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX, USA, #101, United States 75219

I am a yoga therapist, iRest meditation teacher, and an ayurvedic practitioner who has a passion to support women, their health and well-being, in all stages of their life. As a mom, I have witnessed and am inspired by the benefits that Ayurveda has during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Women tend to feel stronger, more confident, and happier when supported fully during their journey and my mission is to provide mental and emotional support during pregnancy and post-partum. Supportive practices include yoga nidra | irest, breathwork, yoga, meal preparation, and in-home support, herbal post-partum care kits, body therapies, and more. 

Lisa Brenner

Wise Roots Therapies
First and Last Name: Lisa Brenner
70 Sheldon Avenue North, Kitchener, ON, Canada, Canada N2H 3M4

My wish is for all birthers to be fully supported, so they can get the rest they need, the nourishment, love, and care, to fully heal, recover, and bond with their little one. This level of care is fundamental in shaping who they are and will become, how they are able to care for themselves and their families, and their greater communities.

I am a Mama of 3, an Ayurvedic bodywork practitioner, a Yoga teacher specializing in pregnancy and postpartum, a Reiki Master, a breast/chest feeding peer support volunteer, and maker of all-natural herbal products that add an extra layer of support to birthers and their families.

All of these beautiful practices and experiences are woven together to provide loving care for birthers and their sweet babes.

The immediate postpartum has my heart.

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