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Center for Sacred Window Studies

Center for Sacred Window Studies
First and Last Name: Online school for Postpartum Care with Ayurveda, Postpartum Resource Center, Shop and Directory
United States 01062

Online school providing professional training in Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiving, as well as training for expecting parents in preparing for the sacred postpartum window.

Online Training Programs

Internship Program

Enrichment Courses/Continuing Eduction



Postpartum Resource


Holistic Postpartum Care Specialist

Kalamazoo Family Tree Wellness, Woven Postpartum
First and Last Name: Christine Anderson
900 Peeler Street, Kalamazoo, MI, USA, Suite E, United States 49008
Phone: 2699292375
Services Offered: In-home care, hospital and home meal delivery, infant massage, birther massage and craniosacral work, belly binding

Since 2016, Kalamazoo Family Tree Wellness has been supporting families in the Kalamazoo area with each season of their lives. We are committed to providing accessible and individualized care, in addition to workshops, retreats and community resources. 

It’s not always easy reaching out for help, but we are here to offer a non-judgemental space to ask questions and begin healing. Please contact us to make an initial appointment today.

Kalamazoo Family Tree Wellness commits to supporting anti-racism, accessibility to resources, and birth justice for all birthing families. 

Modes of Practice: In person, virtual

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