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Nourished Roots Doula Services
First and Last Name: Deanna Alves
Toronto, ON, Canada, Canada

I am passionate about supporting birthers and families during the postpartum period through compassionate care and nourishment.

I was drawn to this work because I strongly believe that the birth and postpartum period is one of the most important times in a person’s life. There are physical, emotional and spiritual shifts that come from birthing a new life. It brings me joy to support families during this sensitive time to watch them thrive and blossom. 

I offer Ayurvedic postpartum care as well as nourishing postpartum meal delivery locally in Toronto. I love to incorporate the variety of holistic healing modalities that I have learned over the years including Herbalism, meditation and Reiki.  



Samantha Veitch

Emerging Wisdom Care
First and Last Name: samantha veitch
nevada city, California, United States 95959

A keen Ayurvedic student for many years I was thrilled to discover the very specific, and in depth, teachings that are available for the postpartum mother. Foods - loving support - self care practices - environment - baby care-  it's all there!

I followed the recommendations to the best of my ability with the birth of my own son and was so nourished and supported by the delicious foods and simple but profound practices that I was convinced to start training as an Ayurdoula with the Center for Sacred Window Studies. I wanted to be able to bring this knowledge to my own community and help new mothers through their own sacred window time.

I have also trained as an Elimination Communication coach after going through the first year of life with my own son listening and learning his unique elimination language. I feel that becoming a coach and being able to confidently teach original tribal potty learning is a great extra bonus for mothers in my postpartum care.

I am available locally in Nevada county for in home care and Ayurvedic cooking, plus remotely online worldwide.

I love providing care through my unique plant-based and low-waste focused lens for those who that is important too. I can also cater to vegetarian needs. I teach and model holistic living and sustainability- these values are intrinsic to my work.


Maureen Zwierzynski

Lotus Mother Care
First and Last Name: Maureen Zwierzynski
616 Selborne Road, Riverside, IL, USA, Illinois, United States 60546

Lotus Mother Care’s goal is to be a driving force in creating a paradigm shift in the way we think about postpartum. Our vision is to see more attention and support given to mothers after birth. We would like to see hospitals, doctors, nurses, insurance companies, and other supporting organizations embracing this need and collaborating on ideas to fill this current hole in our thinking and treatment of postnatal mothers. Lotus Mother Care’s mission is to create an empowering postpartum experience for every mother. It’s a woman’s birthright and it is essential for sustaining herself, her family and society at large.

Lisa Brenner

Wise Roots Therapies
First and Last Name: Lisa Brenner
70 Sheldon Avenue North, Kitchener, ON, Canada, Canada N2H 3M4

My wish is for all birthers to be fully supported, so they can get the rest they need, the nourishment, love, and care, to fully heal, recover, and bond with their little one. This level of care is fundamental in shaping who they are and will become, how they are able to care for themselves and their families, and their greater communities.

I am a Mama of 3, an Ayurvedic bodywork practitioner, a Yoga teacher specializing in pregnancy and postpartum, a Reiki Master, a breast/chest feeding peer support volunteer, and maker of all-natural herbal products that add an extra layer of support to birthers and their families.

All of these beautiful practices and experiences are woven together to provide loving care for birthers and their sweet babes.

The immediate postpartum has my heart.

Kasey Smith

Wholistic Mama
First and Last Name: Kasey Smith
Jackson, Tennessee, United States 38305

My mission is to change how we view postpartum recovery and support mothers through the first forty days postpartum and beyond.

I help pregnant women plan a nourishing postpartum experience & support new mothers with holistic in-home mama care services and online coaching. My goal is to help you build your village so you can feel happy, loved and supported. My focus is on helping women and their families navigate the postpartum period known in many cultures as the first forty days or sacred window. I do this by providing holistic mama care and nourishing support. This support helps you shift from feeling overwhelmed and anxious to feeling loved and nurtured during your postpartum. When YOU feel nourished, you can be a better mama for your baby and other children, if you have them.


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