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Maureen Zwierzynski

Lotus Mother Care
First and Last Name: Maureen Zwierzynski
616 Selborne Road, Riverside, IL, USA, Illinois, United States 60546

Lotus Mother Care’s goal is to be a driving force in creating a paradigm shift in the way we think about postpartum. Our vision is to see more attention and support given to mothers after birth. We would like to see hospitals, doctors, nurses, insurance companies, and other supporting organizations embracing this need and collaborating on ideas to fill this current hole in our thinking and treatment of postnatal mothers. Lotus Mother Care’s mission is to create an empowering postpartum experience for every mother. It’s a woman’s birthright and it is essential for sustaining herself, her family and society at large.

Lisa Brenner

Wise Roots Therapies
First and Last Name: Lisa Brenner
70 Sheldon Avenue North, Kitchener, ON, Canada, Canada N2H 3M4

My wish is for all birthers to be fully supported, so they can get the rest they need, the nourishment, love, and care, to fully heal, recover, and bond with their little one. This level of care is fundamental in shaping who they are and will become, how they are able to care for themselves and their families, and their greater communities.

I am a Mama of 3, an Ayurvedic bodywork practitioner, a Yoga teacher specializing in pregnancy and postpartum, a Reiki Master, a breast/chest feeding peer support volunteer, and maker of all-natural herbal products that add an extra layer of support to birthers and their families.

All of these beautiful practices and experiences are woven together to provide loving care for birthers and their sweet babes.

The immediate postpartum has my heart.

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