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The Postpartum Care Collective is a community for professionals in the field of Conscious Postpartum Care.  Our mission is to strengthen our caregiving community through professional dialogue, collaborative inspiration and education.  We are raising social awareness, promoting access to care + connection and offering worldwide exposure.  Our growing directory aids in connecting families with trained caregivers.  We believe that the best postpartum experience is one that is held by a loving community and we believe that caregivers are at their best when they have an inspiring and trusted network of support and friendship.  We provide a safe space to practice teaching, facilitation and skill sharing.  We are professionals, educators, mothers, parents and advocates.  Our platform is here to elevate and amplify the work and voices of those who give support to the sacred postpartum window.  



Central to the mission of the Postpartum Care Collective is connecting:  Families with Caregivers, Caregivers with other professionals in the field, people to information on the postpartum window, learners with educational opportunities AND connecting communities with greater awareness and support structures.


If you are a postpartum professional, educator or student in the field of conscious postpartum caregiving, we invite you to become part of this growing and dynamic community of providers, caregivers and advocates.  Together, we will shift the modern paradigm in postpartum awareness and support.


If you are an expecting parent, or loved one, use these resources to inform and direct your decision making, find support people and know that the postpartum time is recognized by many – you are not alone.





We are lifelong learners.  We learn from our life experiences, from beloved teachers, and from the connections we make with each other.  We are inspired to act when we learn more, discover a deeper understanding, and envision clearer solutions.


The Postpartum Care Collective is dedicated to informing professionals and individuals about learning opportunities:  Within our Membership Community and in the world we live, online and in person, specifically about postpartum care, or areas of interest that are related…  We welcome all teachers and students who care deeply about better postpartum support for all people.





  • Community Support and Engagement

  • Access to fellow postpartum providers, caregivers and information

  • Discounts from a growing number of schools and products

  • Professional opportunities

  • Personal growth and access to support




Members have the opportunity to share their expertise with the wider community and intimately with fellow members via online webinars facilitated by the team at the Postpartum Care Collective.

We support you as you bring your knowledge base to families who will benefit from your understanding.

And we value your education and experiences in sharing some of your wisdom with fellow professionals.


What would you like families to know?  Our Online Community Outreach series, hosted by us, is a great way for you to share your message with the public.

What would you like to teach to other professionals in this vibrant field?  Our Enrichment Series is a paid online speaking opportunity specifically for sharing your expertise/teaching a topic related to postpartum care with our Collective.







We are just getting started with the work of raising awareness and participating in big change for postpartum care culture-wide.


We believe change needs to happen at all levels.  We believe awareness and action can be combined for birthers, families, communities, caregivers and the wider medical field.  We are part of a movement that is growing and capable of so much more.

We are in this effort with you, for you and for all postpartum people.

You are here because you care, and we honor you for all you do.

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Now more than ever do we need to join our efforts and voices together.  Families need conscious care.  Caregivers need community.  Let us raise our collective intentions to truly create positive strides in quality postpartum support worldwide for all birthing people!

The Postpartum Care Collective is run by the Center for Sacred Window Studies.

Our mission is to foster Conscious Postpartum Care as a right for every birthing person. Conscious care is embracing the sacred and facilitating the fullness of being into expression. We provide an integrated learning experience and community for Conscious Postpartum Caregivers inspired by the principles of Ayurveda. We recognize Ayurveda as medicine for the moment. It is intuitive, simple and applicable. We are working to increase accessibility to education and provide resources for all aspiring professionals seeking to learn. We are guided by the Universal Mother Principles of simplicity, flexibility, compassion, listening, grounding, intuition and non-judgement in the way we work with each other, with our students, with our colleagues and with the families we serve as a collective. We are advocates for inclusivity to all caregivers and birthing people regardless of background, identity, socioeconomic status, and access. We hold a reverence for the ancient cultures who have provided the knowledge that we draw from. We are committed to continuous learning and growing as we provide value and service to our community.

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