The Whole Path Independent Study


The Whole Path with Independent Study Participation – Train and Practice in the Ayurvedic Perspective for the Sacred Window. A Whole Approach of Study, Integration and Implementation. Study in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program, Receive 1 Year of Robust Professional Mentoring  and get a one year Membership to our Professional Directory. Our most supportive path of sustainable conscious postpartum caregiving!

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The Whole Path Independent Study


1.  The 200 Hour Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Independent Study Program

Our flagship personal and professional training program for sacred postpartum care.  The Independent Study option offers students 12 months to pace themselves through the program in the way that best supports their needs.  Students have the option to join in all live classes and participation opportunities available in our 2 cohorts per year.  Independent Study features one on one support with each instructor and forever access to the Student Website.  In addition, we offer several Bonus Guest Lectures on specific caregiving topics.  The Independent Study Program features:

  • Comprehensive Student Website with forever access.
  • Access to all live classes and group participation with the 2 cohort programs per year
  • One on One support from each course instructor
  • All School Study Sessions several times throughout the year
  • Student Advisor support


2.  The Sacred Window Internship Circle

The Internship Circle is an intimate experience of group and one on one Professional Mentoring.  Our instructing team provides a monthly online mentoring session catered to your goals, needs and experiences.  We invite a new Guest Mentor each month to share with us about their professional work and give us further exploration into aspects of caregiving that they specialize in.  This is a gentle and nourishing program that aligns beautifully with the more intensive nature of the Conscious Postpartum Care Program.  In addition to live mentoring, Interns receive access to an online hub with the archives of Guest Mentor Sessions, and the gorgeous Mentoring Guides that accompany each month’s topic.  You will also find a host of additional professional tools and resources.  Interns have forever access to this online hub.


3.  Membership to the Postpartum Care Collective.

This is our online Directory of Conscious Postpartum Caregivers.  This Collective houses alums of our program and many other professionals who have studied with other teachers.  It is a vibrant membership community that is focused on making connections and strengthening the field of postpartum care.  We are committed to connecting caregivers with the families who need them.  This Directory is a big part of how we are doing that.  In addition to your directory listing, you will also have exclusive access to our member events and continuing education talks.  We have membership site that houses a growing library of professional resources for postpartum caregivers.


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