Merging Traditional Care into Modern Ways

In a time where we all need to reflect on cultural appropriation, how do Ayurdoulas bring the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to the Western world in a way that is both in integrity with their own culture, (whatever that may be), and the doshic background of the land they live on, the current season, and most importantly of all, the cultural norms of the woman and family they are serving.

Planning Ahead for a Supported Postpartum Window

You have your hospital bag packed, your nursery set up, and a birth plan all laid out – but what about your postpartum plan? In our Western culture, planning for a baby usually focuses on the baby itself – so many little blankets! – but often overlooks the parents! Make sure you put as much thought into your postpartum plan as you do your birth plan.

Holiday Recipe: Ayurvedic Inspired Gingerbread

These Ayurvedically inspired cookies taste delicious and also keep you feeling healthy and balanced. This recipe calls for minimally processed, natural sweeteners like maple syrup, jaggery, and molasses. According to Ayurveda, unlike white sugar, these sugar substitutes digest slower and provide trace nutrients and minerals. Warming and aromatic spices also help stimulate your digestive fire by increasing circulation to the stomach and clearing stagnation.

Student Reflections: Education, Ayurveda, and Balance

This is the lens through which I view any course or training. What I have found to be distinctively different is that the pressure that exists in academia, is not present in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Certificate Program. It offers a gentler way to learn and engage with concepts, many of which are new to me, especially all things Ayurveda. The only real test for me will be respectfully and appropriately honoring the lineage of this great wisdom as a cultural outsider.

Parenting a Gender Fluid Teen

Over the past two years since they shared this with me, I’ve taken a good long look at my own biases, fears, and assumptions about my role as a parent. Grief began to emerge, beckoning to me to take a deeper look at it. I realized part of my resistance was that in the story I had been building around myself as a mother of girls. I had become very attached to my outlook on the power of “the feminine” within myself. In my journey, overcoming insecurities about my female body and embracing its power felt revolutionary.

Food For Fall: Butternut Squash Soup with Spiced Seeds

Soup is an excellent way to nurture your body as you recover postpartum. Soups replenish moisture, which can calm your nerves and soothe your mind. Vata is naturally imbalanced the days following birth and the dryness of fall can further aggravate Vata dosha. The...

Autumn: Grounding into Daily Ritual

Autumn was once called Harvest, a time used to collect and gather the fruits of summer and to prepare for the upcoming cold months. We can still see the value of these actions today, taking intentional time to prepare for the darkest and coldest nights of the year can support you physically and on an emotional and spiritual level.

Setting Boundaries and Navigating Pitfalls For Professionals with Shelley Rahim

For the rest of her life she’s gonna take that strength that power that courage that she discovered that self love that compassion that she has now where she maybe had felt judgment towards about herself for a choice that she made during her birth. Is now going to shift into a place of power and wisdom. And that will inform how she sees herself as a mother.

Navigating the NICU in the Sacred Window

I instantly dedicated myself to a desperate mission: to be reunited with my newborn. This mission did not involve any consideration for my own self care, healing, or immediate needs. I begged the nurse not to make me complete the bag of IV fluid I was required to have infused before I went to the NICU. I begged for a breast pump and started using it without any guidance, as it was all I could think to do while I waited. I didn’t ask for help, I didn’t know why I had to be in the postpartum unit for assessments, I didn’t care about my medication schedule. My nervous system was in full on fight mode. I only had one outcome that would comfort me and that was being in the immediate presence of my baby.

The Loss of Elders: PCC Book Club Reflections

What we sometimes fail to see though, beyond the form, is the transformation and polishing of heart and soul that takes place through embracing all the wobbles in life. All those moments, and relationships especially, which naturally involve the tolling experiences of conflict and adversity.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Sacred Window Studies Blog is to serve as a robust resource for the global postpartum community. We aim to:

  • Educate and empower parents, professionals, and advocates about postpartum wellness, care, and preparation.
  • Inspire reverence for the sacred window and families in this time through sharing positive postpartum stories and perspectives.
  • Illuminate the realities of the postpartum experience through sharing real-life stories of joy and challenge, always centering on healing and growth.
  • Highlight the beautiful work of conscious postpartum caregivers who are part of this paradigm shift.

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